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The Patty Jewett Golf Shop is located on the grounds of historic Patty Jewett golf course. Patty Jewett golf course has been open for play continuously since 1898, making it one of the oldest courses in the United States.

Since taking over the operation of the Patty Jewett Golf Shop in 2001, Bill Martin, Tim Ausec and Jeff Martin have raised the level of service and professionalism in the shop making it a destination golf shop for consumers in the Colorado Springs area. The full service golf shop has the distinction of catering to a variety of clientele, from avid golfers to casual golfers and even non-golfers. We have a wide range of merchandise to accommodate your style and ability no matter what type of player you are. Combine that with our low prices and the expertise of our staff and we can promise you'll find something to lower your score and make you look good on and off of the golf course.

Tip of the Month

Mental Side

A couple years ago I was officiating a championship basketball game.  As the game got down to the final couple of minutes I made a call that one of the players disagreed with.  His team was up by one point at the time.  He turned and made a gesture while letting me know that I had made a “bullshit call”.  At this point, I called a technical foul for unsporting behavior.  This gave the opposing team two free throws and possession of the ball.  They turned that opportunity into 4 points and won the game.

At this point you might be wondering what this has to do with golf.  In sporting events whether basketball or golf many times results of the game are directly attributable to how players react to an adverse call or situation more so than the call itself.  In the basketball game, had the player simply accepted the call the result of the game may have been different, but his reaction (not the call) put his team at a disadvantage.  How many times have we seen golfers react negatively to a bad lie or a lost ball which winds up costing them more than it should.

Great players accept the things that happen beyond their control and use them as opportunities to make the best of a bad situation.  We all saw Bubba Watson win the Masters this year from the trees.  Seve Ballesteros won the British Open from a parking lot.  Learning how to control our emotions and accept the bad breaks separates the successful players from the unsuccessful.

A couple of tips for a winning attitude on the golf course are.

  • Play one shot at a time.  Don’t worry about what got you to the place your in just play the shot.
  • Play yourgame. Try not to keep up with the long hitter in the group.  Use the club that you need for the shot at hand.
  • Keep your anger in check. Getting mad will cost you more strokes.
  • Don’t try to make up for a bogey on the last hole by taking a foolish risk on the next hole.
  • Accept the bad breaks. They happen to all of us and sometimes at bad times, but you can’t change it so accept it.

Hopefully, these tips will help you manage your golf game.  Fortunately, the basketball game I referenced above was televised and I got to see the call I made.  It turns out, I got it right.